Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The last few days

Between Soccer, Church, errands trying to keep house, and all the excitement of autumn (we can breathe outside again!) it seems that changes are coming and we are trying so hard to prepare ourselves...

I started the letters for the toy room wall!

Someone was very excited, "you painted my letters mummy!?"

LOOK MUMMY, A RAINBOW! (my boy gets bigger and more obsearvent everyday... he really keeps me on my toes!)
 Autumn shoes... it seems everyone was due for some shoes
(growing and or worn out/ not warm enough)
Jaime picked his own they are Toms, a great company with good values, and comfy cute shoes we all love!

Fleece with wool lining

not toms, but I still love them!! (so warm and too comfy)
Well we have warm feet, now to ready the blankets!!

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