Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home: Feeling quite nesty

Finally my Brown betty came in the mail! I ♥ her!

Pumpkin bread!
Playing action figures, cutest thing ever... even if i "do it wrong" aka not like daddy

started my blanket
I love them so much!
  I have been feeling nesty, I dont know why, I had to change the slip covers for the couches, the dark was a bit to heavy for me,  don't know why I feel that way but I do and as the days grow shorter I am drawn to all things light.

someone needs a hair cut before his uncles wedding!

  I may be a bit nuts to have white slip covers, the first day bear climbed on them with muddy shoes, a then "washed" his dirty hands by getting them wet and muddier then toching all over the white all the way back to show me how "clean" they were. I can laugh at this now but in the moment I thought, am I just trying to make myself go nuts!?? Great first day right!? since then there have been no incidents at all, I just keep the stain remover close and remind myself they can be put in the washing matching, actually its great because we are seudo forced to do dinner eating at the tables rather than on the couch so we eat without distraction, as a family! Thank you white couches... if they get beyond repair I think I'll embroider over the stains, wouldn't that be cool!!

 Jake also came home with lovely plants for me, Pansies in my two favorite colors, purple and yellow, they smell sweet and smile cheerily on my table, I know, I'm lucky, he really is this lovely all the time.
 I can't believe its already Wednesday, we have been thrown off my a series of appointments and time had gone by much too fast, I'm trying to slow it down as much as possible, maybe cut some more quilt squares for my amazing Love!

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  1. I think the white looks good. They can always be tossed in the wash!