Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello New Couches!

 Meet my new couches, at the moment in brown... it is autumn after all!
(Why yes, there are a few other covers in other colours, and patterns! I'm making this couch last after all... I hate making big purchases and LOVE the look and feel of a warn in couch!)

 They still need pillows, and i'm feeling like knitting a blanket, they seem to need knitted/crochet/sewin' Love don't they? We'll make them feel at home as quickly as we can...even while we wait, they feel like they should have always been here.
I'm feeling rather nesty, but I cant move things by myself so I have to wait for jake to be home and help me... the rest of the room has been rearranged... I cant help myself, its autumn!!
 ((sorry they aren't the best photos, I had to wait till the boys were asleep(yes I said boys) my friend Tatiana had her little Gabriel today and we have Dominic, while they are in the hospital, so there wasn't a spare moment, but what a blessing!!! I cant wait to meet him!!)))

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