Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Well

 Sorry for my silence all, we are still alive, just not very well, its gone in circles with different reasons and symptoms, but unwell is unwell regardless of why or what. We have been working on getting well. Chugging Elderberry, finally got a salt crystal lamp, humidifying Bears room, soup making, getting lazy on the couch. Poor Jake has been balancing two jobs trying to keep up on the house work after he gets home and make sure Jaime is getting the attention he craves(demands LOL ) from his Daddy trapping him in the toy room on many occasion.

  The other day Jake said "sorry I'm not keeping the house "Lindsey clean"" I had to remind him that I don't go to work all day then come home and try to keep house while a three year old is begging for attention at my feet(daddy always gives in, as he should), I have all day to do this, and a system normally. Its okay if the house is messy and the dishes aren't done 100% of the time, every thing will be fine. I wont ALWAYS feel under the weather, lacking energy(what little I have goes to entertaining Bear not cleaning) this will pass and I'll be fine, Jaime's allergies will stabilize and things will be back to normal (hopefully by thanksgiving!). Dishes, well they can wait.
(I must say Jake is pretty amazing, and is doing really well we haven't run out of dishes yet,  or clean undies!) I do kind of miss our natural flow of things, I can't wit till I can "do" again.

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