Monday, October 10, 2011

A View of Weeks End

helping daddy move his cradle so he doesn't wake baby Hazel!

  • Went to the flea market, found a great doll cradle for jaime who is 100% obsessed with all things baby LOL, we had to bring his baby with us to the market! (there was also a wooden airplane from our favorite wood toy vender)
  • Enjoyed the air.
  • WE went to a Greek festival. (and in the words of our friend Thenakis, in a think greek accent, as he grabbed Jason's cheeks... "AH! YOU LOOK GREEK!" and it is true he blends quite nicely(this was a huge compliment to my Athens born Hubby!) I told Jake it was like a greek Pow-wow, only instead of allot of crafts there is ALLOT of FOOD! He smiled, knowingly, and said, My kind of place!  (funny, I'd go with the crafts, but then I am the Indian aren't I!? Oh sorry Native American...i remember when they changed that, but all the Indians I know still say Indian, LOL!)

Jake said this was his best day!

I think it was quite the successful weekend!


  1. The cradle is adorable. After seeing your gyro, I could really dig into a good one this afternoon.

  2. Yeah it satisfied my cravings, big time!!