Saturday, October 22, 2011

A great day!

   After I had finished writing that post, almost immediately I felt better(I wrote it couple days ago and forgot to finish and post it until this morning), my energy is up I haven't felt sluggish, almost myself(buzzy bee that I am)I was even able to CRUSH THE PILE OF DISHES!!! Yep I feel bright and cheery and great! Bear is still a bit allergy ridden but acting himself, cheery and sweet, singing like a congested little songbird!

now daddy you have to take a picture with me hugging mummy (he makes me smile! Even when I'm still not dressed and haven't even brushed my hair)

   Last few weeks I have really wanted to start knitting myself a blanket, something lovely light and seasonally ambiguous, both my boys have gotten crocheted blankets from me but I rarely ever knit something for myself, LEAST of all something as extravagant and time consuming as a blanket! Jake's  response to my request was, "its about time", he's an absolute Love isn't he?! we played hookey from grocery shopping and went to the craft store, (no we dont have a local yarn store nearest is an hour away, so we shop at a large craft store most of the time unless we are taking a day trip, even then its so expensive on our budget I couldn't make something like a blanket)... we decided on the new Washable Ewe Its lovely soft and all natural, and I loved my colours!!(thank you Honey!)

   In other news I finally remelted leftover bees wax(I save bits, drips, and, stumps of my candles) and made votive and tealights, a total saving of $26, I did have to but the stuff to melt it with so that brought me down to a savings of about $5 (not including the palm wax candles making stuff that came with the kit), even still, I made a profit just by saving scraps of candles!!

Yeah, I feel myself, and it feels GOOD.
(I even started designing Jake's quilt, nothing crazy, very simple.)

I hope YOU have a brilliant weekend!!!
(I'll be getting my knit on!)


  1. What a happy post! Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the quilt and blanket. Pondering cozy fall/winter crafting is just the best. :)

  2. Thank you, its definitely something to make a great day that much better!

  3. I love the colors for your blanket! I generally avoid blankets because of the cost, but that wool looks so pretty! I'll have to check out our craft store and see if they carry it. Ours has a terrible selection though, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.