Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Autumn, Is that you!?"

Oh, Autumn,
I can feel you coming!
Your crisp clean breezes calling me out of doors.
I will listen.
I will follow.
Sweet chilly perfection,
It feels of home.



daddy's teaching method, as we went along he drew letters in the sand and told bear there sound and name, bear LOVED it!

(taken by jake)
Bear feels so at home (taken by jake)
 (at home)
Before bed, Bear had his Chamomile
Jake had his "autumn" ale
 A cold lovely windy day, we played outside all morning before the contractors came, and when they left we ventured out on a family romp in the woods.  Perfection!

Coming up: Sunday is Jake and my Seventh Anniversary!! Hooray!


  1. I loved the photography in this post!

  2. This post makes me HAPPY! Still waiting for Fall to arrive here... your guys have the coziest-looking hats, did you make them?

  3. yes i did make the hats! We are slowly but surely greeting autumn here in Georgia... very slowly...hmmpph

  4. Oh thank you so much @thismummaslife, your too sweet!

  5. I don't think I have EVER seen or heard of a better way to teach letters. That was lovely to see!

  6. thanks!! Jake is really great at teaching jaim in just the right way for him to absorb and have fun!