Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodness me, it's been a week!

Still here!
(still on an autumnal making kick!)
a new tea cozy
or two! (this one isn't for me!)

first time making porridge

He has started praying for a sibling, until then he has made contented himself to baby wearing and asking mummy to nurse his baby "hazel" oh and sticking it up my shirt saying there is a baby in your belly!! LOL  0_0;

Fell in love with this for pie making.. the sheep do me in every time!

Jaime has graduated to new tools Scissors and GLUE STICKS! (he has been wanting to create allot more lately)

It feels like I havent blogged in ages...
It's been.... interesting! 

I bought couches... but i have to wait a good Long while before they are delivered, but I GOT NEW LIVING ROOM FURNITURE!!! Hooray!  I will be showing you them as soon as i can(when they come).
Jake is very excited to have the old couches in his study, he keeps moving the couch in there so we can all sit and watch a game (hi soccer season) or movie together...LOL!

I chose these couches and chairs based on comfort as much as shape, our current set was bought when we were just getting our own home and i was more of a "modern" person(style-wise) then, where as now i'm more of a comfy-casual-rustic-eclectic-cottage-cozy person, think English country cottage meets hunting lodge then throw in a little Lindsey oddities and viola or look at my pinboard  "homemaking"  (ps: i love pintrest so if you join look me up so I can follow you!)
Anywho, all that considered, boiled down, it came to practicality, price, and "is that a good knitting chair!?"  LOL... yeah fiber art has determined our choices in furniture...oh yes! I may be turning into Jake, he always chooses things based on comfort first, now I am too! (and i think with years of wear these will become beautifully slouchy and relaxed, I love thinking long term because I hate buying big items.)


  1. Love your fabulous tea cozies!! And, yes to comfort. Isn't that what makes a house homey? :)

  2. thank you, yes very much so here, especially with the cooling temperatures, all i want is a bit of coziness and a cuppa tea!