Monday, September 26, 2011

A View of Weeks End: Autumn

(A few photos of what we have been up to, I've done lots of making!)
read allot of books

listened to the radio



cuddled some more!

she is actually this big...

vegan carrot cake and chai tea with coconut milk, YUM!

Lots of "projects"

did I mention i live with a Hero!??(two really, but the little one....)

the little one is a super hero!

i made something

its an alligator sweatshirt! (there is an alligator on the front pocket too)

Bear decided it's ACTUALLY a dragon sweatshirt... we are cool with that (not only do i love dragons but jaime thinks most lizards look like dragons, especially dinosaurs, who am i to correct him, i've never met a dinosaur or a dragon before, who's to say they aren't one in the same!?)

finished things for bab yGabe (no i'm not preggos!)

Lots of sewing!

Lots or rain!

a finished autumn table runner

bear makes a great pot of tea!

Happy weekend...  
and happy autumn too!


  1. Bear has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes! The pictures of the super hero cape made me a bit weepy... my boys are still my heros, but they don't wear capes anymore.
    Lovely post.

  2. Thank you so much, your so sweet! I wish i could take credit for the eyes, but they are his Daddy's(though because of his long lashes they are hard to photograph).. i'm soaking in this age as long as i can, i know it goes all too quickly, though as a former youth leader am am looking forward to the teen years, but we aren't rushing things!!

  3. Your home is so cozy and inviting looking. I wish I could pop over for tea with you and Bear...or should I say Dragon? :)

  4. Also, I love the dragon hoodie. I'm about to start work on something similar for Levi. I need to hit the fabric store soon!

  5. if we ever get stationed near you, i will be taking you up on a tea date!
    believe it or not i bought the stuff for it ages ago, i just got out of the habit of sewing, gotta get back to it, but with little ones knitting/ crochet is so much easier to pick up and put down!