Thursday, July 14, 2011

When it's too darn HOT!

We are stuck at home for the moment, our car decided it needed some work... nothing big, and i'm glad it happens when Jake(my brave hero) was driving, and not on my upcoming road trip, where I will be doing all the driving!(can you believe it?? My first solo driving road trip... I feel like a grown up!)
Living in GA during crazy (unusually) Hot summer means stuck inside... my brother was probably the only one happy about this(because he was sore from his first spin class, he did great by the way)Bear and I warmed up to it in time...

 Knittin' Mumma... I finished a whole project today!!
I have an oddly large amount of bigger projects in brown... this is funny because its not even one of my favorite colors, i just love my boys in brown wool!

he isnt crying we were talking about what I was doing

coming in for a cuddle

We may not have realized but we really did need a day in, we're so homey... and i think thats LOVELY!

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  1. Love all the knitting going on! It's been way too hot over here too...lots of indoor time.