Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It has been moved!!! That GIANT box is now in the study, where it serves its original purpose(being Jake's TV, there are few things in this house that are "yours, or mine" most things are ours, actually everything save undies, pants and this tv!!! All else is shared really..)Gaming and occasional movie watching... it is no longer the center of our living space!!

Oh sweet freedom!

  In addition to moving the box of boobdom, I have also made an honest decision to take a break from different social networks, mainly Twitter and Facebook. I will still be on the inter-web, here in blog land,  my email, and occasional photo updates from my Instagram, they will show up on Facebook and Twitter, I'm not closing my accounts, but its all getting a bit overwhelming I need a break!!
So if you make a comment, use the comment box below so I can see it!! 
(You don't have to sign up or anything, if you put your name and email only i can see them so I can reply by email if there is a question! EASY-PEASY-LEMON-SQUEESY! )

I just need to downsize how much I'm doing on the internet, at the moment its just to much!!

Really living is so important!!!

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  1. you've got my approval though my addiction is going strong. Love you,