Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'll try again when its cold...

I need to take it off!!!

You can't  take it off that way! (He thought I was trying to make him keep it on)

PLEASE CAN I SEE, really I'll be quick!!

 I finished a knitting project, I really like how it came out! As with Jake's it needs some elastic in the collar bit that's no big deal, no.... at the moment Jaime HATES it! When I asked if he thought it was cool he said "Yes, I like it" when asked if he would put it on so I could take pictures "NO, IT'S ITCHYYYYY!!!", so as any good mum who wants a picture and to check on the fit would, I bribed him, then I bribed him again to keep it on!
I assured him that when it does get cold I'll put him in long sleeves under there, because gollie gee is it cute on him!

"Jaime do you want mumma to make you another one thats soft and not itchy?" "Yes mummy, with softer yarn!",  he may have to pick it for me, we are getting to that age of opinion!

Oh, isn't he a TRIP!! 


  1. He is too funny and cute!
    And that sweater looks great. You're so talented, Lindsey!

  2. This is adorable! Both the sweater and the modeling session. Many a hat I made did not get worn because of itchy yarn. At least you can put something between his skin and the sweater.

  3. Oh, this is so cute! I need to get started on a sweater for Levi. He's so picky though. I'm terrified that I'll finish it, and he'll just say, "No, thanks, mama."