Saturday, July 23, 2011

A View of Weeks End: While we wait

I'll one day plant mint for the flowers

With the upcoming move, and the roadtrip, Jaime and I going to Massachusetts on the 2nd of august for a couple weeks, Jake switching scheduals so he'll be awake during the day, there has once again been a loss of rythmn, a cranky little bear, and with the tempreture in the hundreds, I may actually go mad!
I'm so blessed to have such a helpful husband who took off for the week to help keep me sane, spend some time with Bear and hopefully help with the move to our new house(I'm not at all impressed with how the housing management on Fort Gordon are dragging their feet on this, gggrrr! they said we would be moving the last week of July, reason being after this week Jake wont be able to take leave and I'll be stuck doing the move myself with a three year old, No fun folks!)

I'm trying to prep the house and our weedy garden(i'm not weeding when its over 100 degrees!) for my departure, making tons of things to make the travel as easy for bear as possible, so far I've made...

  • A napping roll
  • 2 pairs of sweat pants
  • putting together a busy box
  • a sweater for foxy 
  • a vest for puppy(no clue why he requested the last two things, but I did make them for him!)
My house is covered with laundry, books, toys and dog hair, Meaning I need to fold, vacuum, and pick up...(Jake's been doing the dishes so that looks great!)
but before I know it this faze will be done, we will be settled, peace with be restored....


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  1. You have been one busy mama! Of course, peace will be restored. It just takes time.