Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A View of Our Holiday: Bears birthday

(I'll be keeping these posts short and sweet, as there are a few of them and we are in post holiday transition mode)

I dont think Jaime EVER has had so many PRESENTS!!

It all started with a few special packages in the post, Thank you Yinglings and Miss Susan, He LOVED everything(especially the shoes, he now refuses to wear anything but his cool sneakers and big boy boots!)

My family left the night before Bear's birthday, so we had a little celebration then(i used self rising flour by accident and the cupcakes were slightly salty, FAIL!  nothing frosting can fix..) he opened presents from us and his grandparents, Lovng and gasping with surprise at everything!!
(he even got wrapping this time, a friend of ours moved and left us with wrapping tissue that i'm pretty sure she saved from birthdays in their house, I figured I would use it, normally we use cloth wrapping)

LOL... see the gasp!

New wee little animals, they have to look like real ones now, no more "baby toys"!(silly boy) Now when things are too small or a bit too young for him(in his opinion) he tells me that he has to give them to his "little buddy dom-dom" I think he wants him as a little brother, I'mm just glad he's a giver not a hoarder!

On Jaime's actual birthday we had a quiet family day, he was coming off having everyone (and there electronics) at his beck and call, and really needed the quiet, he isn't the best transitioner.

Daddy made leggo binoculars

a leggo "camera and bipod"

Bear's babies needed some attention(don't worry is ninny milk in that bottle, Jaime told me! HAHA!)

he now drinks everything in his new favorite mug

Grammy left him some dough, so he made cookies for brekkies

Three already!!??? I love you, sweet, Little Bear, Happy Birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy!

  2. Oh, what a big day!! Happy birthday to your little bear! He looks so big and proud. My how time does fly!