Wednesday, June 22, 2011

But I thought it WAS summer!!!??

Happy first day of summer everyone! I has been RIDICULOUSLY HOT here in GA, can you say hundreds!!
Being advised to stay in the air conditioning after 12 means plenty of inside time, and squeezing as much outdoor time before lunch as possible(bearable).
Growing up in New England I spent dawn till dusk outside in the summer, the winter was when you stayed in side, in The South it's the opposite, we go out as much as possible in the winter and have to stay cool inside... honestly I am missing my freezing winters and "oh, WOW highs in the 80's!" summers, I can always add layers in the winter, and hey I CAN KNIT/Crochet now, NOT A PROBLEM!!! We have been in a heat wave, stuck inside, trying not to bake, since middle of MAY!!
Lovely sunrises through the trees

Stuck inside, no worries I'll try something new! (first time with DPN, yeah I'm a bit proud.. I usually go the magic loop route but because its nearly impossible to find 2.75mm rounds i figured "WHY NOT, I CAN DO THIS" and a bit "AH, SO MANY STICKS!!"

As of now one down one to go, may I say, I LOVE THIS YARN!!

We have gotten ridiculously bored(I was hoping he would mess up so I would have something to clean!)

Bear manages to entertain himself most of the time but, it gets difficult for my little woodsman to not be out of doors, especially when he is trying to keep himself from falling asleep!

while we were inside the rainstorms(allot of those lately, thunderous!) were helping things to grow...

Like our pretty eggplant, we are hoping these are ready when my parents come to visit next week!

there has been an abundance of reading, I think the library is one of his new favorite outings, he has become book obsessed, now he asks to go every day... love it

So please, forgive me if I forgot that today was the first day of summer, I thought that had come in March!

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