Monday, June 13, 2011

A View of Weeks End

(in me)
 Taking time to remember, no matter what, God is in control, this is a blessing because so often I feel like I have no choice but to "go with the flow" that's been given to me more often than not(and if you know me you know I like being in control). Remembering that he has my life in His hands and is making sure that we will be okay with all that is going on, the crazy work schedule, the changes in places, the upcoming move, and the hope of another child, Knowing he is there making sure we always have what we need(and we always do!) is such a comfort for me. Even when life seems broken and impossible God has always brought me out of the storm, stronger.

At home
 Teas(and my new super cute mug)

I conquered the laundry(well Jake mostly did, but I helped!)
Relaxed a bit
Jaime's way of relaxing, very similar to mine, books, and the cup of tea you cant see in this shot, but I assure you his strawberry vanilla red tea is on the little table beside him!

Jaim showed daddy his pictures, though he is allready outgrowing his kid cam, he keeps trying to use mine..hhhmmm.
at the moment playing with a vintage camera is sufficiant, but i am going to look into getting a sturdy camera that takes better photos
 Learned some lessons
he learned to write a few letters in his new work book(and his new favorite thing to do)

I learned not to leave the sugar down where Bears can get it!
 Rearanged the living room and kitchen, swapping the tables and a shelf, i really like it and now we can extend the bigger table when we need to!

 Living loom

 I've been busy, but it's oh so GOOD!!!
Hope your  having a lovely weekend too!

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  1. When are you guys moving? And what changes are coming?