Friday, June 17, 2011

A View of Weeks End

Is it really our weekend again already... I feel like I have been going non stop... in fact our weekend(Wednesday-Friday) is almost over and I feel like I slept it away! I have no clue why I'm so tired, maybe too much sleep, maybe my body is trying to make up for lost time, I don't know!
 It was a full few days, Jaime had fun with friends, we made crackers(mostly Jake, he is voluntarily in charge of the crackers and bread making, since there is a surplus of basil the made onion basil crackers!), and did a little more making, all in all, a very full week!!

 I'm going low on the descriptions, because honestly the only thing keeping me awake is tea, and love for a little boy who needs me to be awake!!

With friends

 In the kitchen
My photo of him, his photo of me

first time stamping, i took a video, of his little cries of glee and amazement!

even made Jake a quickie apron...

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  1. Homemade crackers...yum.
    Hope you get your energy back soon. I'd guess you're either fighting off an illness or pregnant. At least those are the two culprits when I get inexplicably tired. :)