Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out and About

Panera Bread anyone!?

We decided to hit up Panera after a trip to the vet(they have walk-ins, Cai just needed a routine shot, it was a 15 minuet wait when we checked in, but apparently everyone's animal has an emergency around 4pm, after an hour and a half we bought a few puppy things and made an appointment for him), my blood sugar was crashing and Jake (as always) had a desire for a bagel... dinner-bagel, OK!

After a busy about the house week it was nice to sit in the shade with our bagels share a free pastry and smoothie(WOOHHHOOO!) and enjoy the time together, out of the house!
(yeah we are the people with the dog, boy does he get some oogling!) but LOOK AT HIM!!! He's the cutest, nicest, puppy-boy ever!

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