Saturday, May 28, 2011

In the rainy day way

Both boys under the weather, in both ways. Jake's body trying to get over it, and I in full "earth mother" (Abby that name is making so much sense lately! HAHA!) mode, pouring elderberry down their throat, humidifying and smothering them in essential oils, Jaime had just been starting to show signs of Jake's virus and i was determined to not allow that to happen, Jake was miserable, so nurse them I did to my fullest ability, what i couldn't do I covered in Prayer.
 All that morning spent with a coughing little boy checking in on his daddy, making sure that Bear got to enjoy the 10 minuets of sunshine that was bound to make him feel worlds better, as anyone who sits by a sunny window will tell you. A full morning indeed!

(taken by Jake)

 Nap time wasn't put to waste, there was a long period of sleep for those two, I went at clearing off the book shelf, we have so many books we don't read that can go to 2nd & Charles where we can trade them in for store credit and buy "new" books. While I was clearing I came upon a book the title "sin eater" sounded cheesy but I didn't remember even opening this book before, my poppa had given it to me and into the LARGE "to read" pile it went, well I read the first few lines then the first chapter, then I was sucked in to the suspense!
 Jake says it's funny in the house when I'm into a book, I haven't chugged through a book in an afternoon in so long, he said things are so quiet and still without me moving all about, "do you want me to put it down, honey? are you feeling neglected?" I asked sincerely, he said that it was fine just a bit odd to not have me running about(a am a busy bee).
Bear and I, he was so sweet all he wanted to do after 6 was watch Little Bear, so i let him, its such a lovely series and he had been so sweet all day, i thought he deserved his little treat. when he tired of it he came an cuddled in my lap and chatted with me.
(photo taken by Jake)
    It felt So good! I haven't gone into my "bookworm" mode since Jaime was born, there was too much to do, but on a rainy day that was just what I needed, that little part of me was reopened, I felt just a little more like myself, and HEY! I finished something!

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  1. I miss getting to read a book straight through. I used to do that all the time. Maybe when Sophia's a little older I'll get to do that again.
    Hope your fellas are all better!