Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden: A Start

I haven't planted my carrots yet, or my green beans I cant plant any kale till later in the summer... But I really love my garden!!!
This year i didn't over plant like i did last year, I got more foods, and I didn't let Jake talk me into planting a BILLION variates of hot peppers(they're still in my freezer, some were put in the composter just to free up freezer space!). This year I planted things we eat all the time, onions, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, banana peppers, those carrots, blueberries strawberries and TONS of herbs! All things we Love!
Flowers were planted around to attract bees(my back is still feeling that), and I'm planning on some sort of path, a bird bath and a bird feeder of some sort, but all in time.

I'm loving this moment, in the beginning, all the new growth, the tending and caring from little hands, the "helping" that knocks over the flowers you just planted, the excitement of a little one who  just found out that these seeds will grow carrots!", the fact that he is worn out with helping at ten in the morning... yeah the beginning is a nice place to be!

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