Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because I love him

I finished it, just in time for summer, right after our cold spell, on the week we are to have weather in the nineties. Oh well, he still loves it!
"Daddy wook its a wizard(lizard)!"

All sleeves must go mid thumb for maximum coziness!

 It was early in his "morning" and due to limited light after he wakes up (and a hatred for posing, he makes funny faces, or just doesn't smile so it looks funny because Jake's always smiling) I took them during his "morning" routine, Also known as breakfast with Jaime, I hate to break their routine, it is a beauty to behold!

(all details are Here)


  1. It looks great! What a sweet wife you are!! And how adorable that your fellas have their own little morning ritual!

  2. I love this sweater!! Im gonna have to borrow your pattern for Nick and mayhaps myself!! Youre incredibly talented lady!