Thursday, May 19, 2011

At home

 I don't know why, but this week I either haven't felt up to par, or have just not wanted to leave the house. I'm in sort of a nesting mood, organizing Jaime's room, keeping the house tidy, knitting(I really just want to finish his sweater), so much knitting, and reading, sitting and enjoying the book! you know what, I don't regret it I had started to but then I thought about it, and this time was very much needed!
 It's like a weeks vacation, spending time with my little one, not trying to get him off to the gym, getting his room to a more useful state that he loves and WANTS to spend time in, taking time to cuddle him and feel his soft skin in the morning while he's still sleepy and wanting a cuddle, rather than waist this time with getting ready to go. I made a proper dinner last night, we sat and remembered to pray for our food, to rush to finish and into bed, just a calm, peaceful, simple dinner!
  Maybe this was what we needed, transition Isn't easy for us, turns me upside down and inside out, often to a point of breaking down in tears. Who has time for that!!?? I really don't want to.

A week off, to get things together, allowing myself a peaceful transition, okay... I can do this!

An old photo I found from when we used to live in Cali

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  1. I wish I could always remember to cut myself some slack and take a good break during transitions. They are so hard. Glad you're getting some peace!