Monday, May 2, 2011

A View of Weeks End: HELLO MAY!

I've been humming "The Lusty Month of May"  all day!

I got my early mothersday gift, same thing I got/asked for last year... but this year its BIGGER!!!
I'll  have to take photos when it's finished, but we got the big stuff done, all we have now is  to plant!

My sad before, over grown with grass(that we re-purposed and repositioned close to the house)
 A few of my plants!

 Getting the garden ready
Both boys say the soil under all that grass was super soft on your feet, I agree!


Feels so right!

Twice the size this year!!

I couldn't resist! He wouldn't put his pants back on after he went in to the bathroom, I figure he'll only be comfortable gardening in his undies for so long!

It finally FEELS like Spring!!

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