Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shirking my responsibilities

Some days you need to let everything go and pay attention to what matters...
Today went all wrong, Jake had to work 16 hours, Jaim went fishing in the toilet(and guess who had to clean the fishing pole!?), and i couldn't seem to get the house clean, so I gave up!
i'll try again tomorrow, but it wasn't worth the stress... so like any good British born New England raised person, we had a cuppa tea!
Jaime's brand new mug, because it's so him!
Can he really be mine!?!?
I started a hat (my first knitting pattern!)

I made a Simple but tasty dinner, garlic butter pasta with flash cooked broccoli and fresh ground Parmesan, so easy i'll give you the recipe!
Garlic butter pasta with broccoli
  1. cook pasta as usual but add your fresh broccoli to the boiling water 1 minuet before you drain it(so you have warm but not limp broccoli with all vitamins intact)
  2. add 2 tablespoons of butter(this is enough to lubricate your pasta but not make it greasy if your using less than a 1/2 a box of pasta i recommend less butter)
  3. add salt and garlic to taste
  4. shred Parmesan cheese and add to hot pasta so it melts... YUMMY 
(i also use feta cheese sometimes and play around with different herbs but this is basic and easy, you can add cooked chicken or cut CHick'N patties for my fellow around have fun!)

Linnie Joy

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