Sunday, August 15, 2010

My creative Little Bear!

 He Got himself dressed!
Isn't he stylish!?

He is very keen on learning how to do things that mummy and daddy do, so i made him a little sewing toy for him to play with.

Now while mum and dad are busy with their projects he can be busy with his!
Isn't this Just the cutest thing!?

He is getting bigger and smarter every day, maybe next adventure in learning can be finger paints!??
I have been waiting ages to have finger paints!!!

So the growing and learning goes on here in our family, what shall we focus on next!? Any suggestions? So far I have started to learn to knit, and I dove in head first with the baking, maybe I'll backtrack  and get better at some things, I do have quite a few things to sew for autumn and winter.... hmm... i need a new list!
As Pooh says "think think think, oh bother" *giggles*!

Happy sunday!
♥ Linnie Joy

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