Saturday, August 14, 2010

Busy as a.... caterpillar?

Although unlike the caterpillars, I didn't get to eat my parsley!
Fat little suckers aren't they!?They should be!!
They ate ALL of the parsley (it just grew back from the deer attack!)

Knitting a hat for my littlest brother, making good progress!
 Maybe its because I really want to get to a certain sweater form a certain new book(can you tell this New England girl is feeling homesick!??)

We got this 50/50 cotton/acrylic yarn for three dollars a skein, eventually I WILL be able to get the yarn I REALLY wanted for this sweater, but until I have $70 hanging around I'll be happy with my very soft and durable clearance yarn that can be washed and dried and will go with everything,(yes I convinced myself). I dont see myself making allot of big things simpley because I can get nicer yarn for smaller projects and smaller thing are easier to wash by hand (like things for a little bear maybe?), grown up sweaters take SO much time and yarn, eeeppp!

I think we will have a very calm, very wet, weekend...

Linnie Joy


  1. Instead of growing a garden this year, we're renovating our house and having a baby. But, last year...the deer got to my parsley before I could!! Sadness. It never recovered enough for a caterpillar attack. They are pretty though!

    And, yarn!! I'm obsessed with the stuff, but oh, how I wish the nice yarn wasn't so pricey!

  2. yes, nice yarn is much too expensive unless you are making something small(so maybe the key is make more small things, where you are lucky with a new baby coming!
    as for the garden i think you lucked out in the swap, i would much rather a new baby!