Thursday, July 1, 2010

The product of a rainy day

A day of cloudiness turning to rain brought us to finish a few things and keep active indoors.

I figured out how toget my clothes line without having a stand, the porch outside of the kitchen(and laundry closet) works wonderfully, it makes me smile and dries SO fast,even on a cloudy morning!
(yes i know my yellow hand towel is going brown, we had a tea spill and it was lost in the laundry basket and dried, and it stained before it was washed but it is a kitchen cloth!)

Jaime took up painting! 
It's hanging in our home gallery, I LOVE IT!!!

(we need to buy magnets.. we don't have any... never have, no clue why not..)

I finished my QUILT!!!
This is a horrible picture but we ARE stuck inside!!
(i love how i have the Purple fading to pink.. next is yellow to green!!)

Rain or shine BE HAPPY!
Linnie Joy

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