Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet mamma! you did what now!??

This week has been so busy!
We were mostly indoors...being too hot outside for daytime play, we have to wait until the sun has almost set, and my outdoor boy goes stir crazy!!
(As do I) 
he got stuck in a bucket
we made cookies for daddy
Jakes schedule changed(yet again) so he is home in the morning, makes mommy hours a little awkward, and we have to change craft night once again, but it does give me 4 hours of "ME time" while Bear sleeps and before I can't stay awake any longer around 11... SILVER LINING!!!
(Hint hint)

We rearranged the house
 ( see stir crazy, but i love it SOOO much better! much lighter and brighter)
My sweet hubby did most of the work, I love his readiness for change!!
(please excuse the big ugly chair it has seen better days and is just about ready to retire, but I need something to replace it and there isn't anything, so there it will be untill I find a lovely replacement!)

Before tv centered(yuck) and akward closed set up...

(tv usable but not the center of the room and only usable for movies conversation area less awkward and tight also lots of room to do palates and play no more funky maneuvering!)


(so nice)

my mum asked me to get a nice group picture of the kids nothing fancy just all together... LOL

attempt one:
we resourted to candy (bribery doesnt always work)
evie to jaim "oh don't be such a baby!"-LOL

attempt two: lets try out side (eeeeehhh wrong answer)
Evie- This is stupid I'm out!

feabel attempt #3: the slide maybe!??
slides are for sliding!

I did manage to get some cute shots of them... 


By far the funny ones are my favorite!!! (Captions provided by ME!)

Natalie- "ooh no evie killed the flower!" Evie- flowers are for Picking, its like a hug with your hand!
    No words... the face says all!
But auntie streets are so cool!!
Lemme in!!

As you can see OHH SOO BUSY, but happy busy!

I think this week will be much calmer with more making and less moving... I am a tired Mummy!!

Laugh, play, create, and have fun!

Linnie Joy

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