Tuesday, July 20, 2010

spending time doing nothing

I have been nonstop going.
I'm tired, it's never ending...
Today, I clean and clean and clean and the dog rolls in the mud/poop then I turn to get a towel come back out and he has done it again!!!


i have company coming over(yesterday.. craft night) and my son LITERALLY tears up the house after I cleaned all day with only vacuuming/ mopping left to do while i'm in the bathroom(for 2 minuets) shame on me for washing my hands!!! (there was no time to recover i had to suck up my pride and smile.)

I'm exhausted, today is the beginning(our friday) of our weekend but i have decided to take the rest of the day off because resistance is futile and i think this  untimely behavior may be a cry for help...
and it i dont allow myself a little leeway i may have a BIG cry for help!

if you need me i'll be practicing (the right way i hope at last)

starting one of these for myself(with straps )

and helping this big boy keep up so much good work on the potty with a little reward/incentive

I hope your day is lovely... and hey, if you need a bit less chores today feel free to join us on our day off... we are surviving on chocolate milk and popsicles today!!!

tired Linnie Joy

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  1. Look at that belly! I love you guys! I love the tent and the cookies and the chocolate and the Mummy Nights and the vegetables. I wish I could hang out with you all the time! It would be so fun!