Friday, July 9, 2010

Keeping very busy!

Well geesh, where have you been!??
I've been everywhere man, i've been everywhere... around the house... Cleaning, sewing, crocheting, gardening, reading, coloring, playing, laughing and best of all loving who I'm doing all of it with, my two boys !!! (puppy and hamster included!)

I Finally finished Jake's Afghan... that thing took forever!! (but about 3 weeks total... i loose focus.) 

  This was how I looked for the last week while finishing it (i made the skirt the night before, it turned out great, i know you can totally tell in this picture! so easy, I love me some elastic thread!) oh and those reading pillows I made are getting allot of use... and there is the quilt,yeah I'm feeling super nesty!
 The man folk have been expanding their culinary skills again! I think Jaim is going to be our kitchen helper now.
 Maybe they just want a reason to go pick things, whatever keeps them happy!
  Hey  salad is yummy and oh so summery, not to mention drinking out of peppers... what doesnt everyone!?

Jaime has been a coloring machine lately, we love his art! (and a break from the grumpy two-ness OY)

over the last couple of days we have been costimising spaces... oooo fun stuff!! 
but when we arent doing any of these things we are outside. 
Our new favorite activity,  Practicing our golf swing!!! 
(i made the pants, the fit really well, (here they are falling off here because he was just in the pool) daddy has requested a matching pair for golfing, jaime LOVES THE FISHIES!!!) 

However my favorite activity has been  slowely eating my yummy most favorite combination (other than kimchee and a glass of choclate milk)
My hubby loves me HE goes grocery shopping alone and brings this home for me... i know he is too amazing! 

so as you can see i've been very busy!
i have a few more projects to do and a summer list to complete... oh yeah i made a list!
and i can check a couple things off... i still have a little boy party to throw (its gonna be cool *fingers crossed*)

I hope you too are staying pleasentally busy!
Linnie Joy

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