Friday, July 2, 2010



Jason Ynyr Nuri Cox 
(also know as jaime/jaims/bear/buddy) 
has blessed our lives and touched our heart... he is a big boy this bear!

first let me tell you a bit about his name as i see you squinting and raising eyebrows.. i believe all names have a meaning and the meaning of a name is important to who  you are as a person, think about it God used to change peoples name when THEY changed or when he wanted them to change, so yeah not only do WE like his name but it is a part of who he is and who we want him to be!
I chose to name him Jason, because it is his fathers name, and he is the man I hoped he would be most like(and is SOOO like) it means healer.

Ynyr (said In-eer), a welsh name,  means honorable  a trait we would most like him to have.
Last but not least is Nuri(said Nor-E) means in arabic my light and in hebrew fire of God, we want him to have a passion and desire for his savior and cary that Fire where every he goes, (John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.)

 I love my boy and my boy loves me!

he is a daddy boy, his shadow and parrot

he loves "Wice"
and enjoys "cuyers"
and "SHUKER!"
every animal is a "mawkey" 
for his "booday" i made him a simple summer blanket and let his daddy pick the fabric
 ( the birthday boy himself very early in the morning)
he never getd bored with "bows" or curious "jodje" 
and says those two words with an english accent LOL!

his favorite books and "shows"
are still
"Charlie and Lola" 
 "Little bear" 
" Curious George"
and "Winnie the Pooh"
we limit his tv intake, but all of these shows were books first, 
 mabe thats why he likes them so much, 
other than that they are all pretty different

he  prefers things to be home made
(i thought he wouldnt notice but like his father he does!)

and when he feel tired overwhelmed ikky or just cuddley he still wants to be in his wrap

he loves james taylor
talking my ear off 
and all things electronic

his charlie and lola cd 
(its mostly the background music from the show)

and there is no better  fun then having
tea and cookies with mummy
or "paco" with daddy(popcorn)
I have always been mummy never mom sometimes i'm mumma

he loves gardens, dirt and watering cans.. i think he would live outside if i would let him

he loves animals.. especially his doggie Cai!

i could go on forever but i love my bear... 
who is called bear because it has always fit him, before i had a clear womb shot he was strong like a bear(and still is) 
 he just has a bear personality...


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Linnie Joy

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