Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exercising with a 2 year old.

An interesting notion... teach your children by example, let them see you in action!

I used to do pilates everyday before Jaime, after him we would walk the sandy track every other day, then circumstances came up walking buddies move, wii fits are broken, Before I knew it  I gain10 lbs and feel like a lazy slob,  
I figure i would walk with the boys and the dogs and then do some pilates video while bear played around me

what actually happens...
Pilates take one!
(LOL, and this is with daddy occupying him, immagine even TRYING with him at work! i did get SOME exercising in)
Oh mummy your the shape of a rocking hoarse, lets bounce those abs into shape

mummy's face 0_0;

You wanna cuddle!! ME TOO!
 Your Legs are in my way mummy
Literally a monkey on my back...
(this is right before he hung on piggy back style)

Jaime Mummy is trying to see not have a conversation...
After the last picture he literally got under my bottom... I decided it was time to stop, Jake said he'll go running with Jaim while I go to the gym... resistance, none here!

Watch out gym here I come!!

Linnie Joy

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