Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Craft night, Mummy's night!

(a little view of craft night)

Every monday night my friends and i get together and with the babes in the care of their Papas next door we take out our various creative workings, with the soothing quiet cup of tea and little snacks,

we have quiet focus from 3pm - 6:30, on what always seems the longest day of the week.
We even have adult conversation!

(so all the laughing moments of which there are many i wasn't holding my camera because i dont want to drop it, allot of pictures weren't taken because you have to live, sometimes you cant interrupt a moment with a camera! not to mention my fingers were tangled up!)

This time for us is wonderful because we start off our week feeling as though we are doing something for ourselves (even though we all usually work on something for our family ). Rather than carrying the last
weeks stresses over to the new week we take time for ourselves, so when we get our babies back, intime for bed, we are all very ready for the up coming week!

next up: we are planning a mummy's night out for coffee, shopping, and a bit of dinner made by someone else!! 

Linnie Joy

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