Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A sweet day of summer

Our plans were shattered by the heat (and lack of working AC in the car) so we made the best of it and stayed pretty close by.

Jake made breackies

I enjoyed looking and the new coffee cozie i made last night(it needs some subtle embroidery I think!)

Have I shown you Bear's new trick?? He now can do EVERYTHING!

Later, we went out to the craft store about 13 minuets away and Bear fell IN LOVE with this silly fabric, on it a cowboy elephant and its donkey steed who had other dreams, 

The fabric was so Jaime we had to get it(and 40 percent off the clearence price was too great!), I found its mate so we wouldnt have a boring blanket, in a few hours I finished this!

i'm really loving this blanket! (I think bear does too)

we are all having a productive day,
soon Jake will be making me a hat like the one he made for someone he loves very much (because it it made him think of them while he was knitting it, shh secret!!)
 (Only when you make mine, I want it in the yarn I have been pointing out to you at the store!)

While Jake has Jaime at the park I think I will take advantage of some alone time...

Linnie Joy

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  1. That blanket is so cute! You really scored on the fabric. What a deal!

    Hope you enjoyed your alone time. :)