Friday, July 16, 2010

A summer list

Do you make goals, lists, "honey do"'s?
I like to make mine per season, it makes it easy to prepare for the upcoming, and if you don't have goals you might as well stand still, and I'm really not good at that!

  • Plan Jaim's birthday party(still working on that, things got a little mixed  up so we are having a late one for him)
  • finish pink and purple quilt
  • Finish jake blanket
  • Crochet Jaime and autumn sweater and hat (1/2 done)
  • set up cloths line
  • fence in back yard
  • Prop up tomato plants
  • plant and pot indoor garden for upcoming autumn
  • Paint four woodland pictures for jaime's bedroom (i have to get with jake on that!)
  • Take pictures of my crochet projects( i rethought this... i think i gave most away... so i think i'll start doing this now)

My list is always changing always growing, I guess that's good, Like I said i'm not so good at standing still!

♥ Linnie Joy

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