Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Brain is THIS BIG!

nothing planned, 
Jake has off and we are doing many diffrent kinds of learning.

I am immersing myself in music (we went to the library this morning) and Trying to finish a book I have loved every moment of (but don't usually get time to read)... and of course working on Jake's Afghan!

Jake is getting more comfortable reading his knitting patterns (he is really a good knitter , usually he doesn't use patterns, but his upcoming project is a bit daunting so he wants to work his way up)

Jaime is taking an interest in culinary studies and his new dinosaur book!

I made him and Jake hummus... with white kidney beans because we were almost out of garbanzo.

Jaime went to the store with daddy and asked him for pizza on the way there... daddy was hungry and had a hankering for some pizza too... resulting in cheapo ready made pizza.
(they later customized)


(Daddy, I think it needs cheese!)




However because they love ME they bought me freshly made brown rice vegitarian sushi! YUMMY FOR MUMMY!!!

I home your day is filled with lots of learning!
See the beauty in the world around you, and dive head first into the things that make you happy!

Linnie Joy

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