Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life in shades of green

Everything is growing and I find myself on the move allot more!
The Cox home is a busy one, but a blessed one... with allot of things(and people) growing and changing!

We are really enjoying our sweet(spicy) little garden

Our ikky sort of little friend 
(i think he is huge as far as spiders go)

 our herbs...yumm

my favorites for tea...Lemon balm and thyme
(this particular thyme is actually lemon thyme for my neighbors garden... we grow regular thyme and I love that in my green tea too)

I feel so blessed with my tiny harvests, Bear loves to help me gather herbs for salads and tea, and Jake feels perticularly loved when he gets mint in his tea or basil in his salad. He said they just taist better... I think they just taist the love we all have put into our little garden! soon I'll be able to make chili with my garden! 

I have a feeling next years will be even bigger!!!

Linnie Joy

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