Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy days of summer

So I'm not a summer girl, especially not a fan of southern summers, this Massachusetts girl likes her heat no higher than 80 degrees, here in Georgia that's a cool summer day! My favorite seasons are Autumn and Spring, when the weather is just right! Everything aside though, i find myself not totally dreading summer this year, i'm surprisingly ENJOYING it!!

My Summer Joys!

♥ THe Flowers (popping up in my Favorite color!)

(yeah i had to hold the camera over my head... hey i'm only 5'2")

OH and i love that i can see them out my window at my desk!

♥ Watching him grow and explore!
♥Our little bug eating friends

♥ Lets not forget wearing (and making) lots of light easy dresses!

I never thought I would say this living Georgia, but...


I hope you can find reasons to love this carfree time of the year!

Linnie Joy

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