Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I cover my face in flour to look more productive.

Last night I mad the yummiest dinner EVER... well a short term ever, but it was so good! Mainly the reason for its greatness was the Khubs I made to go with it!
If you know me well you know my hubby is absolutely in love with all things Arab, he speaks it fluently and just generally loves the people.

 Our home is pretty eclectic culturally any how, We are both so interested in absorbing and learning from different people and how they live.
I grew up in a multi-cultural home 3/5 of my brothers and sister are Cambodian , I was born in England, Jason was born in Greece, his family(from what I gather) are Irish, Scottish, English and Swiss, his mums side are Mennonite.
My father is Welsh, English, Spanish(we think its really Cuban) and Ukrainian(he looks either welsh or Ukrainian my mum just thinks he hot), My mum is African American, Native American(we are Nipmuc), Polynesian, Scottish(very little) and Both my parent are 1/2 Jewish(we are messianic now)! 
Yeah, we are beautifully mixed up!!

So Loving my hubby as I do, when I bought a cookbook I naturally gravitated towards this one...

I really love how she writes it, in most of her recipes are easily customizable, all of them are delightfully homey! I 100% recommend it its probably my favorite cookbook!

This dish is fantastic and we had so much fun making it, Jaime joined in on the fun 
 (he was eating the dough)

though he wasn't awake to eat the finished product while it was fresh he did enjoy it for brekkies this morning!


I hope you ENJOY TOO!!!

Happy Baking!
Linnie Joy

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