Saturday, June 26, 2010

Because we love each other

When you love someone you do things to let them know, and when you find something that really works for you both YOU STICK TO IT!

In our house one of the ways we show each other how our love is by making... it doesnt matter just what but anythng made with your hands, with the love intertwined kneaded, stitched, rolled, colored and baked into it!

Because I  love them, I baked them a cottage loaf!
I have a hubby that knits, I know, I am sooooo lucky(I'm the envy of the whole yarn store)... he's smokin hot too ^_^! 
 Because HE loves me he made me a hat!
Not any old ordinary hat, he thought about it, considered what I like in a hat, the colors I love, and he knit me the perfect hat! 

So tonight...
I'm taking it out of the project basket and I'm crocheting him his blanket...

Because I love him.

Linnie Joy

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