Monday, June 28, 2010

All partied out... x3!

A weekend with not one, not two, BUT 3 PARTIES!!
Yeah, as guessed this mummy is partied out!

I didn't take many pictures at the first two parties, World cup get-together don't really give me a spare moment to take pictures(i was running after Bear and trying to keep him distracted so dad could watch the game ... we lost by the way), and Janie-Chelle took lots of lovely pictures of Winter's birthday party ( she is 7)!


How ever, i took lots of pictures of Anabelle's birthday party!

We had lots of fun!

We wore our pink party hats with pride!

(sort of)

(really!? group pictures with small children... FAIL!)

However the sight of dads with their cups... AMAZING!

Coolest Papa's around!

They ate their hot dogs, played, and had fun!

UNTILL.... The piƱata that wouldnt die.
it was ont of those bat free ones, you pull the little string...
We pulled them all but none of them worked, so we logically took out the bat!
but it still survived... mocking us... so we sent in our secret weapons...
the parents!!
Justin(Anabelle's dad) ended up killing the thing, but since he was video taping i took over there.
WHAT NOW!!???!??!

We has fun but a break was definitely needed...

 so all morning we had a calm day(while we recovered our very neglected house)

Monday turned out more like a weekend then the weekend!
So relax its Monday!

Linnie Joy

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