Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rainy skies and Beautiful Changes

This week has been a bit odd, Jaim has been all mine... and together we are enjoying the changes all around us.

Spring has brought us rain
Rain has brought us a flurry of lovely flowers... thanks to Sara, who lent us her cutie little fence so the kids wont walk ON my flowers! 

Rainy days also brought us inside for a couple of days and with Daddy not readily available Jaim actually wanted to PLAY with ME! Normally he only wants me for food cuddles, stories and encouragement, Daddy is much more fun! I did enjoy the opportunity!

He was taking a picture of Foxy (playing photographer... mummy is too proud!)

What his photo would have looked like...

 Ihave been working on a very useful embroidery project, a naptime door sign
"Sleeping Baby
Please knock!"        Yes I really mean it, quit waking my bear up... angry sleepy bears are no fun!!

 Oh bit i did get a LOVELY  gift  from spring... my Freesia bloomed and the color is

My favorite color is yellow, while jake's is Red...we got...
A Linnie& Jake COMBO!

Whooda Thunk it!??

Happy Springtime changes!!!

Linnie Joy

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