Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mothers day...

Luckily I wasnt expecting much today because daddy is working and we are going to do our activities when he has off.
 Since it's just Jaim (who isnt feeling well) and I we are having a day alone inside and I am getting to really see the blessing I have in being my Little Bear's Mummy!

We got to talk to Grandma and Papa Cox on skype, thank God for skype, they live in Japan!

 We talked to my Mummy (Amma Dickinson) in Massachusetts over the phone.

I have been so blessed with two amazing very different and wonderful mothers and examples, I love both of them SOOO much. I hope i can be as great of an example as they are to me, to my children. They are amazingly Wonderful Godly Women, i learn so much from them and really enjoy spending time with them!

You think i miss them much? 

reading his books...

Just a day of reflection and appreciation, with lots of kisses and cuddles hugs, soup and tea, his favorite movies with me quoting lines right along... i did however get to paint my toes my favorite springtime/ summer shade (sunset)

I love being His Mummy!!!

Happy Mummy's Day!
Linnie Joy

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