Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Mai tai

I finally got to Use my Mai Tai , I made it for Jaim when he was too big, I guess it'll be for the next baby!

Isn't little Ethan boy too cuddleable!!

And you need one of these with asleepy teether and these two!!
so i can do this!

They are such cuties aren't they!!??
Jaime is becoming Daddy's little clone isnt he!!??

So anyways my pattern if your interested was a Mc Calls pattern that I bought (super easy) I used a  sublime stitching pattern for the embroidery,  they were all so easy to do i highly reccomend making one of your own...

I was just really excited to be able to use it!!
Don't get me wrong I STILL use and love my Sleepy Wrap and I can still use it on Jaime who is 30+ lbs (its taken us form birth to almost two and i have a feeling a few more years), and it is still so comphy and my favorite, but this is a sweet carrier for a baby, and a nice handmade gift... cant go wrong with handmade!!

Time is going by so fast!

Linnie Joy

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