Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Absolutely spoiled!!

I've been getting to know my postman this week, not really but I guess he now knows me, or my name anyways!

In the last two days i have received two packages with some of my favorite things, from some of my favorite people!

Yesterday I received..
  (From my first friend,  pen-pal, and one of the coolest chicks I know, M.J.!)

Not just any tea but some of the yummiest tea in the world!
Both are perfect summer teas, one has spice the other fruity, I wish you could smell them !!

 and some taisty treats I immediately had to hide from Jaim

she also sent me ...a few other Much loved/ needed items (even though she didn't know how much  I needed them.. that my friends is called pen pal intuition.. i hope i have a bit ^_^)
It was a horrible, cold, dark, world of trial and error and reheated nastiness, thanks to you M.J., NEVER AGAIN!!!!


Today i received a package with no return address... suspicious but i figured "HEY gotta trust God sometime, who would bother sending me this much anthrax anyway!??"

It was from my Uncle Mark and Auntie Zana!!
(Uncle Mark travels allot working with an amazing organization called Mercy Ships (if you ever want to donate to a good cause they do some amazing things all over the world) not to mention one of the most awesome funny and loving guys in the world!! Auntie Zana is one of my other "mothers" though she isn't old enough) she has inspired me in so many ways she is an amazing brilliant wife, mother and woman of God, i love sitting at her feet and learning from her or just hanging out with her! these tow are a Dynamo pair and together they are unstoppable (not to mention a hoot) ...  anyways i cant tell you how amazing they are in writing so if you want to know just call me, make sure you have the time!)


THis is some of the most awesome fabric i have ever seen!!! He got it when he was in Lybia, this stuff is BEAUTIFUL!! (anyone else thinking summer dresses!??)

and hidden in the cutest little bag

Was my new little desk buddy
(isn't he too cool!!)

So Essentially I am super spoiled!

                              It's the perfect combination, Tea and Fabric!

                                                            Honestly, to sew without tea, MADNESS! 

                                                                              And for sewing with this tea, some AMAZING fabric!

My friends we have the prefect balance!

and a very spoiled and happy Girl!!

Linnie Joy

PS;Thank you AGAIN SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! ( I feel very loved)

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