Friday, April 30, 2010

monday to thursday

Thats how long my brother was staying with us, its so nice to have my brother around.
We went places and did things... and it isn't going to stop there!

Tuesday, Art and family time (did i mention my brother is an artist!?)
Wednesday, we went for a LONG walk and had a picnic by the Savannah River. Jaime really love jumping in!

Thursday, Downtown Augusta here we come! Pizza, the Park, and the Riverwalk

We spent a little money

Saw James Brown, and had to take a cheesy tourist picture!(mike wasn't too thrilled with this urge)

Then we came home, happy but EXHAUSTED, we all needed a bit of a calm down... I tried to teach Mike to knit... that was interesting.

But we decided a family Rock out was needed to complete our mini vacation!

I crushed the vocals might i say,

we cant wait for him to come back for a visit!!

Linnie Joy

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