Tuesday, April 20, 2010

His and Hers...

So anyone who has met or seen my hubby and i knows that we are opposites, we agree allot, but style-and-personality-wise we are so different! 
its a strange beautiful thing we have... as we grow older together(we aren't old but ages 17&19 - 23&25 are growing up times lots of changes we got to do them together!) we find new things that we both like and are interested in, such as he now knits and I crochet (thanks to his amazing mom!! she taught me and influenced him ^_^) we both love British telli, tea coffee, music and books(he is the sci-fi & fantasy I'm the craft/art/fantasy(less of his orcks goblins more Arthur/ robin hood )/ fiction), and we both love nature family walks are my favorite!
As personalities go he is calm, endlessly sweet, sporty, gamer,  protective and even headed with a huge sense of adventure, I'm a bit more careful, emotional, a bit spastic, very intense, artsy, silly, sarcastic and quirky.

Our differences are definitively seen in our corners of the study
My corner 
(i need more shelving)

Jake's Corner

Jake's Desk

My desk

His Computer
(its glows blue when its on!!)

My computer

.... it could go on like this for ages

Linnie Joy

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