Sunday, April 18, 2010

A View of Weeks End

We baked a cake, attended a birthday party, enjoysed a First EVER sleepover, and went to the fleamarket... it was a LOVELY Weeks End!!

The cake!
(Why does jake always get me blinky!?)

The Party!
(Happy birthday Sarah1/4 of a century old ^_^
"thats so hot")



there were  sword fights

A PiƱata!

Jaime Got it (with some help from Jayden)
                 THe Birthday G

irl cutting her cake

The sleepover!      

i came in to see this!!!
soo cute!

Flea market greatness!

yeah it was a successfull trip.. did i mention fun??
he is a fisherman like his Papa Cox!

 I hope you're enjoying these sweet days of spring!



Linnie Joy

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