Saturday, March 13, 2010

The sun does shine again... eventually

We had three days of rain... 

Jaime really loves to sit at the window and watch it fall, he is such a peaceful Little Bear.

I however ...
Get increadibly CooCoo and feel like a caged bird!
see coo coo
sand sometimes we play in the rain and that makes mummy feel a bit bettter..
or mummy gets busy

and brings a little sunshine of her own!

Well this mummy is feeling a bit of cabin fever, i hate it! 
I get short tempered,  irritable and frustrated... i think ive had to apologize to Jaime for being so short with him no fewer than 10 times this week... 

i just need to get into the swing of things... but i just cant seem to... the rain was reflecting how i feel then magnifying it,

I'm praying that God gives me creativity, insight, and endurance to get through this trying, and very wet time in my life. I understand I am being made into who he has me to be.  I guess, Like the little flowers in my garden, I need the rain to help me grow, in patience creativity and love that i need to be a Good Mummy wife and person. 

So Father... help me with my Growing pains...

and may he help you with yours!
Lindsey Joy

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