Monday, March 22, 2010

Tea and Tissues

I've been up since three in the morning, jaime got up at five... he has my nasty cold.
we broke our frog humidifier, i had to go get a new one... so he slept in in the car now he is more awake than i am, despit how bad it sounds on days like today it isnt too bad! Jaime is extra sweet and cuddlyand supprisingly tells you just what he wants, up, more, n'that... however he does get a little mischievous at times. 
 He insisted they would taist better on the floor...(he dumped them out and then ate them)

We deccided to watch Charlie and Lola, being it was far too early to do anything else! Its jaime(and my) favorite show, they are bright funny and creative!

and while we watched i made two sweet finger puppets (from here )  for my sweet not well boy...

then we headed to Target and bought a new humidifier, but since pretty things make mum feel better i bought these pretty mugs(i really wanted to get one of each but i stopped at two)

Yep they made me feel better...

Now about when is nap time???

Lindsey Joy

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